Mohammed Ayub Khan, FCA

Professional Background

Mr. Ayub Khan is a fellow Chartered Accountants (FCA), and he has qualified as Chartered Accountant in June 2002. Being a professional genius, he joined with ACNABIN a renowned Chartered Accountant Firm and undertook many financial audits and specialized consultancy assignments thereafter. From May 2007, he has established his own Chartered Accountancy Firm under the name and style “ KHAN Ayub” and has already proved his capability through undertaking various foreign and local financial audit and consultancy assignments.

Business Background

Mr. Ayub Khan is an entrepreneur bearing vast experience in the area of RMG, Agro & Fisheries as well as Press & Publication business. He experienced Press business being his family members involved in this line about 27 years and established “Sweety Art Press” as a giant Press in the country. Due to its quality services, “Sweety Art Press” works for many reputed organizations like UNICEF, Water Aid etc. He established Shikapur Horticulture Ltd., an Agro based project and Hazinagar Shrimp Culture Ltd., a Fish farming project with the cooperation of World Bank Finance project. He is a Director of Krishi Biplop, a seed processing project. He associated and accustomed with garments related business while he is the management and operational consultant of two companies of Textile Processing Industry in DEPZ. He has gathered a vast experience in marketing of Textile and Garments products since 2001. Few years later he purchased Shine Embroidery Ltd., when the company was nearly closing down. With Mr. Khan’s charismatic management policy and strategy, now Shine Embroidery Ltd. becomes a Compliance Factory and is one of the latest factories on Embroidery business in Bangladesh. Mr. Khan was able to build a good relationship with some of the world renowned RMG buyers and formed “Apparel Link (BD) Ltd.”, a Joint Venture Garments Buying House with his Canadian foreign partner. Again, in 2010 Mr. Khan has transformed his indomitable spirit and expertise into reality by overtaking two poor-performing garment factories “Debonair Ltd. and Orbitex knitwear Ltd.” and later turned them into very profitable ventures. His entrepreneurial journey is yet to stop as he has taken various initiatives to set-up backward linkage to Garment business.