Shine Embroidery Ltd

Shine Embroidery wants to promote its business at global perspective. In order to do that, we are determined to carry on business of manufacturing fabrications, design, distribution, import and export of embroidery, sweater & all kinds of garments. Our commitment is not only to include a mere standard production and quality but also to provide delivery on time to our clients which will ensure safeguarding and protection of our buyers’ interest and our commitments mutually.

The single most important factor in our Company’s success over the past seventeen years has been our uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of quality and ensuring delivery on time. For providing quality embroidery services to our buyers’ we have developed Quality Control and Delivery and Communications Sections that ensure the highest standards of performance and ensuring buyers’ commitments.


21 +

Year Of Experience


592 +



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Production Capacity

  • Embroidery Capacity: 5,304 Million Stitch/Month (Depend on design & application)
  • Printing Capacity: 1,300,000Pcs/ Per Month (Average colour).
  • Rib Capacity: 392,800set/ Per Month (Normal, Jacquard &Heavy work).
  • Accessories Capacity: 4,290000Yds & 2,210,000Pcs/ Per Month

Our Products

  • Embroidery
  • Printing
  • Rib & Jacquard
  • Accessories


H&M, Casamoda, C&A, Obaibi, VF Asia, Norma, Primark, Varner, Benetton, Carrera/ Shelsham, K-Mart, Miles, OTCF, Redmond, Knight Apprales, Centerline, Kiabi, Duthler, Best Seller, NKD, Tema, Kauffof, Tesko, Adler, Umbro, K-Mart (Austrilia), The Levy Group, Ampleman, TomTailor, Intermax, Columbia, Noos, Carrefour, Hagers, Liddle, Okidi


SL. Brand Name Origin Heads Color Units Remarks
01. Barudan Japan 20 09 11 This is Production M/c
02. Sun Star S.Korea 20 09 02 This sequence M/c
03. Sun Star S.Korea 06 09 01 This is sample M/c
04. Maya China 15 09 05 New adding Machine for Chennile & Twin Type sequence & Loose beads.
05. Singer 01 This is re-making machine.
06. Butterfly 01 This is use for re-works.
07. SKF Taiwan 05 03 Re conning machine


SL. Description Origin Size Units
01. Glass Table China 55’ 21
02. Sample Table Bangladesh 24’ 01
03. Automatic Move On-line Dryer China 80X120cm 09
04. Auto Expose Machine China 120X150cm 01
05. Manually  Expose Machine Bangladesh 120X150cm 01
06. Ordinary Woven China 120X150cm 01
07. Chain hauling China 160X180cm 01
08. Conveyor Tunnel Dryer China 100X540cm 02
09. Automatic Heat Transfer China 100X120cm 02
10. Hand Dryer China 100
11. Colour Mixing Machine China 01
12. Flock Machine China 05


SL No Name of Machine Brand &  Origin Model No Machine Quantity Production Capacity
01. Micro Computer Control Flat Knitting Machine. King Sun  China JF730-2S,

14G x 80”

06 Set’s 31,200/ Set/Per Month
02. Micro Computer Control Flat Knitting Machine. King Sun  China JF730-2S,

14G x 100”

40Set’s 208,000/ Set/ Per Month
03. Fully jacquard




LXC-25-2S’ 14 GG x 52”, Three Syestem 02Set’s 33600Pcs/   Per Month
04. Fully jacquard Computerized


Giant-Tech               GT-2-80S 14GG, Double syestem 06Set’s 120,000/ Set/Per Month


SL No Name of Machine Brand & Origin Model No Machine Quantity Production Capacity
01. High speed needle Loom  (Twill Tape Machine) PT Taiwan Model PTA 8,6,4 Hed 05 25,000Yds/Day
02. High Speed Braiding Machine Drawstring Machine Gartex- China KBL-48-2-90. 01 2000Yds/Day
03. High Speed Braiding Machine Drawstring Machine PT Taiwan+Gartex-China Model POC 2/32+KBL-32-2-90. 07 14,000Yds/Day
04. High Speed Braiding Machine Drawstring Gartex-China Model :KBL-18-2-90. 01 5000Yds/Day
05. High Speed Braiding Machine Drawstring Machine PT Taiwan+ Gartex-China Model POC 2/16 21 84,000Yds/  Day
06. Lace & Band Crochet Machine/ Elastic Machine DAHU Taiwan+ TCH Model DH 750-L/15G 07 35000Yds/Day
07. Warping Machine PT Taiwan Model PTR 300 02 supplementary
08. Waxing Machine/Shoe Lace PT Taiwan TC-72-AD 01 20000Yds/Day
09. Bobbin Winder PT 04 Supplementary
10. Auto Tipping (Plastic) Taiwan 0512-5382-3230 03 60,000Pcs/Day
11. Tipping (Metal) China 01-02-640 03 25,000Pcs/Day




Address: Unique Bus stand , Plot# 198, Gazirchat Moddhopara, DEPZ Road, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka., Gazirchat High School Rd, Baipayl