24 Jun

About Debonair Progress and Its Future with the Humanitarian support to the Distress Peoples always

It is very much appreciated that Debonair is a diversified factory that is always producing as per the current style and also keeps in the style to the country’s requirements & Cultures.

Definitely Debonair is always dedicating its full efforts to give efficient work for the user’s outerwear. This is always highly appreciated by buyers, and users around the world.

At the same time, Debonair is very much helpful to the locals and country people and times of difficulties & Debonair always stands for the distressed people, whenever necessary.

Very recently There was a serious flood in the Sylhet area, especially in the Sunamgonj. Owners of Debonair Group felt very much sympathy for these people and send a Team to Sylhet to support the Flood affected people. The team went to Sylhet and gave the 7 days food pack to the distressed people and not only did they hand over the foods pack to the Army, rather the Debonair team went by boat to the difficult places, where food did not reach but Debonair Team went to the remote places and handed over the food packs man to man, family to family. It is highly appreciated by the Sylhet General Officer Commanding and Area Commander Major General Md. Hamid and also, and he has joined our team in food distributions in Kanaighat Upazila.